The Weird Week has begun

What can I say, today is Tuesday.  The week after changing to Daylight Savings time.  Dog and cat are being a little more respectful in waking me up at around 5 AM but it is really still 4 am for them. However I still need a nap in the morning to cope with my droopy eyes. 

Today I showered, have orders to mail, go to the bank, pay a bill go pick up some groceries. But, I have my meal box from Revive Superfoods being delivered so have to wait for that to arrive. I have used them before smoothies, soups, and superfood bowls.  What prompted me to go back well weight over the pandemic, lower back pain, fatty liver etc.  Need to loose close to 40 lbs and get active walking the dog, walking to do shopping, and reducing junky diet.  I am on meds for allergies, blood pressure, anti depression and acid reflux.  All that I take daily. 

I want a new start for the summer.  The pandemic did not help and as Canada opens up again I have a bit of fear and apprehension of what is out there. I will continue to use a mask on buses, in stores and public places that are highly populated.

I want also to create an space on my deck where I can work on good weather days.  March is almost over and we have had one maybe two really nice days but there is still snow on the deck. April will bring rain with it.  So I will look for folding furniture so it is easy to put away when raining.  Part of my business is producing good photos of my products and I hope to step up my game with good outdoor vibes in my product photos.

Well it is a journey that I am willing to take you on with me.  Last summer was a relaxed vibe on my deck because I was more interested in reading and chilling.  Built a privacy screen out of plant trellises and vines neighbours are attached so no privacy.

Last summer the grapevines found the trellises and worked like a charm.  Now it is established I will be able to work outside in peace not necessarily quite but I do have headphones.

Well better head off to walk the dog and mail some orders.  Stay safe, stay connected and enjoy the ride.  Feel free to comment, share and like...

Till next time 

CA Grenier


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