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Saturday is chore day but first I think I fixed the shipping issue that was charging too much for orders.  Won't know till someone orders.

As a designer and creator I live in the same place as I create.  I have a dog named Princess who is a three year old rescue. Princess is a Chorkie but on the bigger size.  She demands a lot of attention when I am working partly because she has abandonment issues.  I have had her for a year come Easter.  Not much history on her except she was a mess when coming into rescue.  Obviously she was not taken care of such as grooming, she was not spayed vet could not tell if she was or not and suggested I wait and see if she went into heat Well She Did.  I have been trying to get her spayed but everyone is so busy appointments are months away.  I finally have an appointment on May 24th. I am so glad because we just came out of heat for a second time...yikes. She is a cutie though and a cuddle bug.  She is also a butt warmer has to sit behind me on the chair when I am working.

Ottawa experienced the Freedom Convoy protest which was great for the convoy but not so great for the residents who lived near the protest.  They came in ton the 28th of January and were forced to go home on the 22nd.  There are a few stragglers around .  Canadian government called on the Emergency Act to allow police to go in and move them out.  170 arrests of protesters and 70 to 80 big rig trucks and other vehicles towed.  The residents were forced to listen to horns being blasted from morning to night, parties music blaring, carbon monoxide from trucks running all the time. 

I support protests but not occupations.  Reason for the protest: wanting Canadian Government to get rid of the covid mandates wearing of masks, vaccines, etc. but they also wanted Canadian government to get US to loosen the covid certificate program for truckers  so they could deliver in the states.  Needless to say most Ottawa businesses had to close because individuals would go in without masks or harass the staff. All transportation in the area was rerouted so anyone who depended on buses or even Ubers were out of luck.

We are moving slowly but we are moving into endemic status of this virus. I will still wear masks (I have a number of cute ones that I bought) I also have been enjoying not getting a common cold.  Let me know where you are from what the protocols are where you are and  what you will do after the restrictions are lifted.

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