I hate when life gets in the way of productivity

Busy? Yes with the business yet but those bright shiny things keep getting in the way.

Ever had that problem - me almost everyday.  You plan the day emails, making items, taking photos, listing products or working on the finances then something happens and gets you off track.  What to do you do when that happens?  I really want to know.

Do you just let it happen...one tik tok leads to another, a youtube video and wow another hour gone you justify it because you are learning something.  Well those minutes add up to hours often. 

Well then there is the fact that some of us work from home so it means that we have to also clean up after ourselves, the kids and pets.  We have to feed ourselves, do the dishes and clean up after the meals.  We work in between all these chores.  We do not work in isolation of an office we have life going on around us.

Harder is the fact that we do not have a dedicated space to work or the privacy to get lost in our work so we multitask all the time.  We do it all, all the time.  Time is gold when you are the CEO of your own company.  I have found Timers and Time Blocking whether it is a half hour to work on emails or concentrate on designing a new idea putting that time in an digital calendar or a paper one is how I do it. 

I use google calendar and a day planner to block off my time also my days.  I live alone but do have animals and certain things are necessary. I set two days a week Tuesday and Thursday to concentrate on the house and ordering supplies, packing orders, and admin stuff.

However there are standard daily tasks such as, getting up at 5 AM feeding and walking the dog first thing. Once that is done I then shower, get dressed and have breakfast.   I know that it  takes me 2 hours.  So it is now 7AM,  15 minutes to plan the day. 30 minutes for emails now 7:45. Then it is getting into the nitty gritty of the day depending if it is a creative, photgraphy, listing day and this is where things can go off the rails ...lol 

How do you time manage when you are the only one working on your business?  How do you maintain focus? What works for you? What does not? Let me know.

CA Grenier


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