Here we go, Who am I and why you should keep coming back each week

I am a glass fusion artist and have been playing with other mediums. A lot of what I create becomes items on my store.  I am in the process of amalgamating all of my external stores into this shop so stay tuned for more destash items, Color By Amber Jewelry, crochet items from my sister Donna and maybe some other family members who work in acrylics.  I am into clay, painting, card making, scrapbook pages, and so on all of which will show up eventually in the shop.

I have taken classes in glass fusion but most of the other art I do is mainly self taught.

I am an activist labour, human rights, social justice, gender equality, race equality, gay rights etc.  that is where my interest in Print on Demand got started.  I saw a huge disparity in products for female sports players so I created a line of mugs, drawstring backpacks, stickers...coming soon note books, water bottles, and other items. If you have suggestions of what products let me know.

I am also a grandmother of 4 wonderful grandkids who I think are amazing, they are the reason I am such a multimedia artist and inspire my ideas. I love when they give me ideas and let it percolate in my mind until I come up with and then share with them.  They are my sounding board. Music and outdoors also inspires me.  I love any type of music.  I studied music in school and artists but never went into the arts.  Instead I went into Sociology and Women Studies.  I worked for many years for government but my final years were in Restorative Justice again social justice informs my work and pride in where I live.

This past year have been losses and gains.  We closed a artisan shop that had been in the ByWard Market for 26 years and all the artist went our separate ways.  We stay in touch through Messenger and Instagram.  We have all created our own shops on the internet but none of us have really taken off.  Which is the challenge it takes such a learning curve to build a site hoping that you have crossed all the t's and dotted all the I's then crickets.  No visitors, no interest... no nothing.

That is about to change...being positive, going after the brass ring that is my goal now.  So lets do it... Share please...give me your shop URL and I will share as well... 

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