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I asked my friend artist Adrienne to provide me with some info I can share on the blog.  I met Adrienne through her mother who is also an artist.  At the time Adrienne was just beginning to explore needle felting and was also very accomplished in pencil work.  When her cat Stryder, needed an operation she had a sale to raise funds for the vet bills.  I bought the most adorable Christmas stockings male and female owls which I gave to my son and his wife.  Since then both Stryder, Tod and Adrienne have flourished.
Adrienne Assinewai is a Northern Ontario visual artist born and raised on Manitoulin Island. Being surrounded by so much nature and culture, she was inspired from a young age to express and share this beauty with others. Now based in Sudbury, Adrienne creates from her private home studio and participates in makers markets and exhibits throughout the year.
Her award-winning work is executed in a variety of media and subject matter from needle felted sculptures to Woodland Style acrylic paintings. Always one to have several things on the go, her work ranges from small and whimsical to more detailed in depth pieces.

My Story

I’ve been creating for so long that it can be a bit difficult to express why I create what I do. It’s such a huge part of me that to not do it would be like not speaking or moving through this world in a meaningful way. Having the potential to share my thoughts and ideas visually is an integral part of who I am and not only gives me satisfaction but a deeper sense of purpose.

Possessing an inquisitive nature, I’ve always loved to learn new skills. While I was a bit slower to start using other media in art (I stubbornly stuck to just pencil for way too long) once I began I quickly latched onto not only various media but also other styles. While others often try to find a set style or subject matter that they’re comfortable with I’ve enjoyed jumping around with my pieces and allowing my creativity to come out in whatever form it chooses. I find that this wide scope has allowed me to better share my messages with my audience.

Adrienne Assinewai

~RavenStar Studio

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