Another Sunday Blog

Well this Monday the promised snowstorm came and went to the tune of 50 cm. or 20 inches of snow.  The temperatures were ridiculous as well all week. 

There was a casualty, my neighbor who I depend on to take me for errands and groceries each week. He had an accident not his fault on the way home from work on Monday night.  We are waiting to hear if his Prius is a write off.  

Still weather related I shoveled out a clear pathway to the neighbors driveway shared between the two of us.  He pays a company to clean his.  I have an old van owned by my family in my driveway so I only have my walkway and the end of the driveway to clean so not worth paying someone to do it.  After shoveling the pathway of 20 inches of snow I was tired so I went in and left the end of my driveway.  Wednesday it snowed again and it was not worth shoveling so I thought.  Around suppertime I heard shoveling and scraping of a snow shovel really close to my door.  It was another neighbor who took it upon himself to shovel my pathway and driveway...Thank you Roberto there is still good in this world. 

In other news my sister and brother in law got Covid.  My sister is pretty sure she got it from a student then passed it onto her husband. They are both vaxed so symptoms are minor.

Art wise what have I been up to well designing more mugs, finished the workout line.Check them all out at

I challenged myself to create one thing everyday so this month it is Print on Demand options.  I am stuck inside because of Covid restrictions,  the extreme cold -24 Celsius or -11.2 Fahrenheit, trying to sit under a blanket for extra warmth with a dog snuggled so close to me and listening to podcasts on how to manifest the life and business you want...

Sleeping for me has always been a challenge. There was a time sleeping 4 hours was the max I could sleep and still function all day.  Now I am lucky if I get 2 hours of deep sleep which forces me to nap twice a day now.

Well my eyes are drooping and I need my first nap of the day. 

Stay safe, stay warm and be careful.


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